Callisons Sets Up State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant in Pune

Callisons Inc, a premium supplier of mint oils and flavours, has recently set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Chakan, Pune. The facility was inaugurated by James R. Burgett, President, Callisons Inc., on February 26, 2019.

While inaugurating the plant, Burgett said, “It gives us immense pleasure to inaugurate the manufacturing unit in Pune, India. In 2014 Callisons took a conscience decision to enter the gamut of flavour creation and expand its manufacturing base beyond the USA and with that in mind, we have invested in setting up of a new unit in China in 2017 and in India now in 2019.”

“The company has consistently delivered its flavourful expertise to its customers through creativity, sound scientific knowledge and attention to detail. The energetic burst of flavours and tastes are carefully lab tested by experts using the latest technology”, he added.

To serve global markets

Speaking at the occasion, Rajendra P. Ghogale, Managing Director, Callisons Flavors India Pvt Ltd said, “This state of the art R&D and manufacturing facility has been set up with the intention of providing service to Callisons global customers in India, South East Asia and Africa Markets; to reduce lead times and develop flavours to meet regional requirements, to establish a direct presence in the Indian mint growing regions and to reduce costs for mint based flavors in key markets.”

The manufacturing plant at Chakan is set up with a view to manufacture liquid and dry blends and flavours as well as spray dried products for the beverage, confectionery and oral segment which will be exported to the neighbouring countries.

Callisons plans to take their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forward by providing mint farmers with sustainable solutions to increase agricultural growth. Women empowerment in the mint growing regions is an area of emphasis as Callisons plan to provide women the skill sets to market their produce and provide education to women which would help them reach their highest potential.

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