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Vodafone Idea to Develop IoT-enabled Smartcart for Ice Cream

Telecom operator Vodafone Idea has partnered with dairy companies to develop an internet of things (IoT) platform that will help in building an intelligent supply chain for ice cream.

With Vodafone Idea’s latest solution, the ice cream cart would be connected to an aggregation platform and dairy companies can get real time connectivity and data like location, temperature, etc.

The telecom operator has combined big data and artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly on to a platform which will go commercially live this year. In addition, it will provide predictive analysis of a route the ice cream seller should take to maximise sales and how to stock carts.

“What we found was ice cream cart owners tend to go to areas where there is shade. But that might not be the best place to sell ice cream. So, customers asked us for mapping information and how to find the best routes for sellers, how to become more intelligent with the restocking of ice cream at the warehouse and others,” said Nick Gliddon, chief business officer Vodafone Idea, in a recent interview with Mint.

The telecom company claims to have conceptualised the idea of a (smartcart) fridge on wheels after carrying out a lot of trials in Delhi.

To streamline its growth, the company in planning to deploy more solutions around IoT and blockchain, where it is working closely with connected cars and smart city projects.



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